Welcome to Sagology Creative!

Taking your story to new heights.  Nearly 100 years ago Frederick R. Barnard suggested that a picture paints a thousand words. This insightful revelation reminds us that often visualization is a better description than a verbal description.  Fast forward a century and the proverb could be a video paints a million words.  We believe short, thought-provoking videos are a powerful way to tell a story.

What we do

We specialize in creating high-quality aerial and ground-based videos in a variety of domains. Here are some examples of our projects: Portfolio.  All of our drone pilots are FAA certified and insured.  We will only fly when and where it is safe and legal (unfortunately, there are cowboys in the industry who are not so diligent … beware!).

Living our tagline

As our tagline suggests, we focus on helping people to connect, collaborate, and share. We like how Merriam-Webster (www.m-w.com) defines each of these terms:

Connect: to have or establish a rapport

Collaborate: to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor

Share: to tell (as thoughts, feelings, or experiences) to others

The story of our logo

The symbol we use to depict Sagology is called ananse ntontan, which is the spider’s web, and often used to symbolize wisdomcreativity, and the complexities of life. The genesis of the symbol is a spider of African folklore named Anansi, who was a renowned raconteur.  Perhaps his best known “spider tale” is the story of Anansi’s quest to gather all of the world’s wisdom for himself.  After amassing the wisdom, he tried to hide it in a secret location.  As he was carefully hiding the wisdom, he dropped the pot in which it was stored.  The pot smashed and the wisdom was dispersed to people around the world.

For more information, please contact us info@sagology.com