Looking for a quick, cheap, and secure way to attach you OSMO Mobile to a standard tripod?  I think we have found a great solution.  Like many of you, I quickly realized that I really need a tripod to use many of the most interesting features of myOSMO Mobile, especially the time-lapse and motion time lapse.  As you probably know DJI sells a really cool tripod with extender rod that together cost more than $100.

I have several tripods that I use for other equipment and so the thought sending another hundred bucks just did not make sense.  I started looking around to see what others have done and discovered of ideas.  Most of them involved buying some bolts at a hardware store, cutting and grinding things, and coming up with a hack that works.  I just wasn’t interested in that so I found a super simple solution that cost less than seven dollars and requires no cutting, grinds, taping or modifications of any kind.

Here is the video that explains the solution:

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