Embarkation Day – 7 January

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Today was a very busy day.  After a leisurely breakfast at the Hampton Inn San Diego, the orientation program began.  All of the faculty and staff spent the morning reviewing what we should expect over the next 100 or so days.  It seems about half of the faculty and staff have sailed before so the “veterans” tried to describe the many challenges and opportunities that were ahead us.  We reminded ourselves that despite a few snags that would almost certainly develop … life was pretty good … we are sailing around the world.

Next we were shuttle down to MV Explorer.  JoAnn and I opted to wait for the last bus.  There was a lot of excited people who very keen to rush down to ship; almost as if they feared she might sail without them.  As we approached San Diego harbor it was great to see our old friend MV Explorer.  She is a magnificent ship and always looks so great.

The embarking process was extremely efficient.  Given that we were just about the last folks aboard I guess they had sorted out most of the issues.  We turned in our shiny new passports and yellow fever certificates and headed to our cabin.  I must admit our cabin was a bit of surprise as it is much, much smaller than our previous two voyages.  Nevertheless, it is perfectly fine … let’s call it cozy! We managed to stow everything just fine.

We hosted a “Parent’s Reception” – these are always great events.  The parents of embarking students have a chance to see the ship, meet the faculty and staff and generally be reassured their students will be just fine.

Once the parents left we had the mandatory life boat drill and then set sail at about 2300 (11PM).  A busy day all in all.



Posted: January 7, 2013


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  1. JD Eveland says:

    Have a great trip!

    BTW, are Zack and Cody along for this term?



  2. Deanna says:

    An excellent beginning to your journey! Enjoy~

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