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We will provide update on our trip here.

Beautiful Day at Sea

Posted January 20, 2013  /   By JoAnn Girard  /  0 Comments

Considering we stayed longer in Honolulu to avoid the storm, I really thought we were in for some rough seas once we left. I keep telling people “Shhh” when they comment on how calm the ocean is right now, but I must say something. It is remarkably calm. We are clipping along with just a …

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Our third day at sea.

Posted January 12, 2013  /   By JoAnn Girard  /  0 Comments

Well, the seas seem to be settling down a bit, we now only have long rolling waves and not as much roll. Our first full day out, after leaving Ensenada was a bit brutal for many new sailors (and even some old) with the pitch and roll combining to make it a not very comfortable …

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Posted   /   By JoAnn Girard  /  0 Comments

Here it is B1 already. Sea days (class days) are split into A days and B days, actual days of the week seem to disappear. The seas are starting to calm down, our first day out of Ensenada was brutal for many new sailors (and even some old). Yesterday, we had more of a long

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Meeting the “Arch”

Posted January 11, 2013  /   By John Girard  /  0 Comments

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was very privileged to be introduced to His Grace, The Most Reverend Desmond Tutu, who will be sailing with us for about three months. At the time of the post I did not have a photo … but here it is. We had a very enjoyable conversation.  I was extremely impressed how he interacted with the students. …

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The Ship is Alive!

Posted January 9, 2013  /   By John Girard  /  0 Comments

A very exciting day on MV Explorer … the students have arrived!  Today the ship transformed from a quiet sanctuary in which faculty were carefully preparing their courses to an exciting campus.  More than 600 students boarded today and suddenly the ship is alive with conversation, excitement and a certain amount of anxiety.  It is great fun to talk to the students and hear their excitement …

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Sitting in Ensenada – waiting for the students

Posted   /   By JoAnn Girard  /  0 Comments

We had an uneventful voyage from San Diego to Ensenada last night. The captain had warned to secure everything loose as he anticipated very large swells, luckily this did not come about. The MV Explorer is very busy today with the staff and faculty in meetings all day, preparing for the arrival of all the …

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Embarkation Day – 7 January

Posted January 7, 2013  /   By John  /  2 Comments

Today was a very busy day.  After a leisurely breakfast at the Hampton Inn San Diego, the orientation program began.  All of the faculty and staff spent the morning reviewing what we should expect over the next 100 or so days.  It seems about half of the faculty and staff have sailed before so the …

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Packed and ready to go!

Posted January 5, 2013  /   By John Girard  /  0 Comments

Today JoAnn, Eager (our travelling beaver companion) and I start an adventure that was 20 years in the making.  The genesis of this journey was a casual conversation with a fellow student at the University of Manitoba in 1993.  The student, whose name I no longer remember, was considering spending a semester on a ship …

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Ready for an adventure …

Posted October 6, 2012  /   By John Girard  /  0 Comments

Our adventure will begin January 5th, 2013 when we fly to San Diago.  We will board MV Explorer along with other faculty, staff, and families and set sail for Ensenada, Mexico where about 600 university studnets will join us. Our journey for the next 106 days will include: Hilo, Hawaii, United States Yokohama, Japan Kobe, Japan Shanghai, China Hong …

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