The Story of Sage Sayings

BookCoverFront 1-9This site includes some of the most inspiring, thought provoking, and sagacious words we have ever read. We certainly take no credit in penning these sage sayings nor can we, with much certainty, guarantee their authenticity. Nevertheless, the works, we are very certain, will cause you to pause, reflect, and perhaps even reprioritize.

The collection includes proverbs, prayers, and quotations that we believe were written or spoken by a group of very wise men and women. As far as we can determine the origin of each of these seminal passages was a Native American. We use this term with the greatest respect and understand that many people prefer different collective nouns for the diverse group of people. In our home country, Canada, many people prefer the term First Nations whereas in our adopted country, the United States, the term Native American seems more common. We ask that you think beyond the label and consider the incredible wisdom contained in the words.

To explore the sayings much as you would flip through a book, we recommend clicking on the “Browse” menu item.  You can use the “next” and “previous” arrows to click through the sayings.  If you are looking for a particular term, then use the search options (magnifying glass on the upper right or search box at the bottom of the page).   More more directed browsing, select one of the Categories sub-menu options (Proverbs, Quotes, Prayers or Unknown) and all of the sayings in that category are presented.  However you choose to explore, we hope you enjoy our compilation.

As interesting as we find the quotes, proverbs, and prayers – the sage sayings – perhaps the most fascinating exploration is the people behind the words. As we read their works we cannot help but notice their common sense, connection to the planet, and recognition of family. These important ideas seem to be lost in many of the decisions that are made in our 24/7 ever-connected world in which so many of us live and work. We wonder if the next generations of readers will think we were as wise.

We have tried very hard to make sure we accurately acknowledge the true author of the words. Equally, we have worked diligently to ensure that most accurate translation or transcription is used. In both cases, we are certain there will be errors. There may be some debate about the correct clan of the author(s). Again we have done our best to list the most up to date term being used, but we would appreciate you suggesting corrections. In some cases, especially where there is contradictory evidence, we simply list the source as unknown. Our compilation includes about 500 sayings we discovered, about 200 of which are available on this site. The entire collection is available in the companion book. Please help us make the collection more accurate by contacting us with any information that you have about our errors, omissions, or misrepresentations.

This entire project, the website and the companion book,  is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Please visit the site to learn more about how you may share and adapt the material.

John & JoAnn