A Tidy Couple is a Healthy Couple

JandJ Plane 2When you board an aircraft for a long-haul flight, have you ever taken the time to closely examine the space you are about to call home for the next eight hours? Have you ever wondered when the last time the space was seriously cleaned? It is very likely that an overworked and underpaid crew whisked through the area before you boarded and removed debris, but our experience suggests that a thorough cleaning is a pretty rare event.

As soon as we settle into our seats on a plane, train, or bus, we start our well-established disinfecting routine. This habit grew out of our syncing routine, because we were often disgusted with what we found on our remotes. Sometimes, we play a little game of trying to identify the remains that occupy our space.

As soon as we have stowed our carry-on luggage, we start our routine. Step one, and this is very important, check your seat before you sit down. More than once, we have witnessed horrified passengers shriek as they realize they have just sat in a wet seat. As they instinctively jump out of the seat, the investigation begins to see if the wetness is spilled water, soda, or something more sinister. Regardless of the final conclusion, these poor souls are about to start a long journey in a very uncomfortable, perhaps even embarrassing state. The helpful flight crew will be very apologetic, but there is little they can do once the damage is done.

Tip # 5:  Make sure your aircraft seats are clean and dry before you sit down

Once we have deemed the seats dry and safe, we start cleaning our space. JoAnn always travels with a package of disinfecting wipes. As soon as we take our seats, we start a routine of cleaning the remotes, the table tray, foldout drink holder and other surfaces. Sometimes, we watch our fellow passengers as they begin their own forensic examinations and wish they had something to clean their spaces.

Tip # 6: Clean your table trays and other surfaces

These tips are two of the many included in our book, Tips for Two: Tales of a Globetrotting Couple(www.tipsfortwo.com).  Tips for Two includes a series of helpful hints that we found incredibly useful. Some were designed to make our travel safer, while others focus on our comfort. Some help us learn, another group ensures we are respectful, and still others help us keep our costs manageable. More importantly, though, all of them help us enjoy each other. Remember, these tips are about making travel as a couple as enjoyable as it can possibly be!

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