Arrived Accra, Ghana

We departed Takoradi, Ghana last night about 10PM and headed toward Accra.  We arrived in the Tema harbor about 7AM – this is the shortest leg of our voyage.  Today we hope to explore neighboring Togo, which is one of the poorest countries on the planet. Using GDP per capita (PPP) as a measure, Togo is 175 of 185 countries on the CIA Fact Book list.  We realize GDP per capita does not equal average income; however, our experience is that it offers a glimpse into the conditions in a country. Togo’s adjusted GDP per capita per year is in the range of US$500.  This compares to US$1200 for Haiti or US$1100 for Ethiopia.  At the high end of the scale is Qatar with the highest (US$99,000) or the USA at  US$48,000

Yesterday we had a very sobering visit to the Slave Castles of Ghana.  It is very difficult to describe the horrific conditions in which the  slaves lived.  According to our guide, virtually all women died, while the male survival rate was about 50%.  Very difficult to see, comprehend or explain. Here is a link to some photos.

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