The Students are Here!

A very exciting day on MV Explorer … the students have arrived!  Today the ship transformed from a quiet sanctuary in which faculty were carefully preparing their courses to an exciting campus.  More than 600 students boarded today and suddenly the ship is alive with conversation, excitement and a certain amount of anxiety.  It is great fun to talk to the students and hear their excitement about the next 100 or so days.  For many students this is their first time outside the US (or their home country .  Tonight we set sail for Hawaii …

I was very privileged to be introduced to His Grace, The Most Reverend Desmond Tutu, who will be sailing with us for about three months. At the time of the post I did not have a photo … but here it is. We had a very enjoyable conversation.  I was extremely impressed how he interacted with the students.  He has an amazing ability to be able to connect with students. He allows the students to call him “Arch.” I have been extremely fortunate to meet some very important people in my life; however, he is certainly the first Nobel Peace Prize recipient I have met.

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