KM Middle East 2013, Abu Dhabi

After an uneventful but long day of traveling, we arrived Abu Dhabi at about 0700.  The journey began with a taxi from the Port of Cape Town to the airport.   We had a very nice driver who said the strangest thing.  After chatting for a few minutes, he asked where we were from.  After a short pause, we offered our usual reply “we live in North Dakota.”  He quickly asked “You’re not really American are you?”  We have had a lot of interesting replies when we say we live in North Dakota, but never that one.  Given that we recently became US citizens we proudly said yes.  Without any hesitation he added “you don’t seem American” and they added “you are too friendly to be American”  Hmmmm … at this point we did reveal that we were also Canadian and this seemed to satisfy his bewilderment.

After a couple hours nursing a cappuccino at Wimpy (because they have free wifi) we boarded our flight to Jo’borg and then another to Abu Dhabi.  We both got a little sleep on the eight flight … but not enough.  Today was busy helping prepare for KM Middle East.  The workshops went very well and we look forward to main conference tomorrow.  Then it is back on a plane to start the journey back to Cape Town.

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