Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park is somewhat unique in that this beautiful oasis of African wildlife is literally on the edge of a major city.  However, once you pass through the gates to this sanctuary, somehow you feel completely removed from Nairobi and all that goes along with a city of 3,000,000. Occasionally, the cityscape offers an interesting contrast to the savanna, but most of the time the creatures are free from the good, bad, and ugly of urban dwelling.

We had a great game drive, which lasted about 4 1/2 hours.  We were alone with our guide so we were able to stop, look, and listen whenever we wanted.  In the past we have been part of group drives and we certainly enjoy private one much more.  Two major highlights were seeing many African (or Cape) Buffalos, one of the so-called Big Five Game.  That only leaves the Leopard that we must see in the wild to complete the set.

The second highlight was 45-minute private walking tour with a Kenyan Wildlife Service Ranger.  We followed the paths of buffalo, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, giraffes and more.  Along the way the  Ranger shared many stories and facts about the park, the flora & fauna, poaching, and the Kenyan people. This was quite amazing as normally you are not permitted to walk in the park … we felt very safe as the Ranger was carrying a fully automatic assault rifle.

Hers are few photos from our day.

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