Reflections on Burma

Without a doubt the most amazing thing about Burma is her people.  In many ways that was not a real surprise as we have found the people of most of the countries we have visited on this voyage to be very welcoming.  However, in many ways, the people of Burma are very unique.  For example, despite being a very poor country (in monetary terms, certainly not cultural terms), there is a distinct absence of street crime.  Burma is almost certainly one of the safest country we have visited.  Of course, we are very well aware that Transparency International rates Burma as one of the most corrupt countries on the planet, but at the street level, the people level, it is very different.

Could this be due to the number of Buddhist monks in country? Our guide in Burma suggested that monks actually outnumber soldiers in the country.  The monks are integral part of society.  Everywhere you go there are monks and somehow this seems to have a calming effect on the entire country.  Maybe what the world needs is more monks … just imagine if all countries had more monks than soldiers … hmmm … makes you think.

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