Romania: A Pleasant Surprise

Galati Park

Galati Park

We are arrived Bucharest after a long but enjoyable day of travel (MOT – MSP – AMS – OTP).  Our driver was at the airport to meet us (always good) and we set off for the city of Galati.  The three-hour drive was very interesting and much less “dramatic” than we anticipated.  We had read so much about the “crazy” drivers, but in reality they were not any worse many places we have visited.  The countryside was full of small family farms, many of which had vegetable stands on the highway – something we do not see much any more.  There were a large number of manufacturing facilities ranging from textiles to steel … a little surprising … not sure why … but surprising nonetheless.

The final surprise of the day was many how people were outside engaged in a variety of activities from playing chess (old men … OK, my age) to children playing football (soccer) to families walking their dogs.

Day 1 in Romania can be summarized as a pleasant surprise.


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